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Un monde de delice

La Patissiere

La Patissiere is an international chain catering of Arabic Sweets and Pastries. It is a HACCP Certified company as per GCC requirement. Established in the year 2005, it has grown rapidly since then building its image in the Market. The main customers are Palaces, Emirates Airlines and 5-star hotels and Imminent Catering services in United Arab Emirates.

La Patissiere has a goal of supplying the best quality product at an affordable price to the customers and that obtain the market majority.

Healthy, Fresh And Tasty Sweets

“Best Choice for Arabic Sweets, Snacks and Goods”

We create delicous memory

Our Products

Kunafa Corner

Kunafa Corner

Price Starting From
19 AED



Price Starting From
42 AED

Dates Ball

Dates Ball

Price Starting From
38 AED

Maamoul Mad With Kashta

Fresh Kashta Corner

Price Starting From

Fatayer Cheese

Frozen Ready To Bake

Price Starting From
18 AED

Kibbeh Potato

Frozen Ready to Fry

Price Starting From
15 AED

Mini Pizza

Half Baked Frozen

Price Starting From
16 AED

Vine Leaves Stuffed With Rice and Vegetables

Chilled Ready To Eat

Price Starting From
50 AED

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We hereby express our sincerest gratitude and love for you, thanks to your efforts in bringing happiness to the lives of our children and in creating cmiles on their faces. This has enabled the children to write, learn and work. Our children may not have the money, but they have feelings of love and appreciation towards you.
Rashid Center for people of Determination
Mariam Othman - CEO

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